Sol & Sea


Sol & Sea is a small business located in Northern New South Wales, created by Graphic Design student Evie Hudson and Environmental Science student Duncan Miller. Their love for photography and the environment sparked the beginning of Sol & Sea in 2018.

Their passion for photography stems from the enjoyment of capturing memories and nature’s special moments in this spectacular part of Australia that we call home.

Sol & Sea aim to capture nature’s raw beauty and it is our mission to showcase these breathtaking coastlines which we believe should be valued and respected.

The whole process and the journey that comes with capturing these remarkable pieces are whole heartedly enjoyed at Sol & Sea. Whether these prints are sentimental to you, or purely just a beautiful piece of work, our collections are made to be loved and appreciated.

And when you make a purchase, we want you to know that you’ll be helping two university students continue to capture and create what they enjoy doing most.